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2020: The Year of 10x Growth
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2020: The Year of 10x Growth


In this post, I will explain all my learning journey, new projects, jobs and much more in 2020. I hope you will find it useful and exciting. First, if you are reading this before 2020 is over I want to wish you a happy new year may all your new goals be fulfilled and may everything go the best for you 🍾🥂🎉.

First, if you are reading this before 2020 is over I want to wish you a happy new year may all your new goals be fulfilled and may everything go the best for you 🍾🥂🎉.


We all know that we have been in a lockdown situation since Q1 of this year, and it has been devastating for many. There are people who have had it rough this year, they have struggled tremendously and hopefully everything will get better for them. There are other people who have lost family and friends, and other people who are getting COVID; despite all this, I hope that everything can be better, and they can overcome adversity.

How did this year start for me?

The truth is, everything went well in such a way that at the beginning of the year I still had my job from the previous year, ready to conquer new things, I made a list of what I wanted; everything was going well the first two months. I had bought my first iMac for work, and I was very excited to learn new things (especially how to use the Mac 😬). And I had made it my goal to be a full-stack this year, it's worth noting that I haven't achieved it, but it's a work in progress.

What things did I learn this year?

You see, I'm more of a technical person than a theoretical one; I like to generate solutions by coding directly and not understanding first what the problem is in theory, what are the best ways to approach it, what methods can be applied and little else. But that played quite a few tricks on me, and it took me hours to be able to solve problems that I could have done in a matter of minutes. Then my coordinator at the company took it upon himself to teach me little by little how to do it, at this point of starting the new year I feel more capable of tackling problems first in a theoretical way, explore all the possibilities and then move on to the code to execute them.

Also, this year has called my attention to learn about design and how to create better interfaces for my clients; therefore I have started to read several books that were recommended to me about product design, UI/UX, I have seen several videos of people designing entire applications and I can say that I have reached a point where I know what my style is when designing, what kind of components I make, how I build them and what kind of interaction it will have with the user. I feel very happy with what I've learned about design so far, and little by little I'm learning a lot more about it.

I set out to be a content creator, and although I didn't put much effort into my work I was able to achieve several videos, I surpassed a thousand followers on Twitter about to reach two thousand and every time I can, I share new content and find many better ways to transmit what I know to people. Furthermore, I joined a fantastic group of people called Undefined Devs, and I'm glad that every day we are creating new content for people who want to join this world of technology, a community that helps each other and new things are coming soon.

YouTube channel

In almost all my career as a web developer I have used React, but this year was where I reinforced this knowledge, getting to make more complicated applications, static websites using headless CMS, administrative panels and more; I learned about Vue, how it works, how to use Nuxt, how to generate static websites and little more since I have not touched much more the framework at a professional level.

I created several plugins for Strapi CMS which is the backend I currently use in the company where I work, the first is to have a colorpicker in our fields and thus be able to give the client a better way to manage colours for us to interpret them in any frontend, the second generates in the interface a button to have a preview of our content and that works the same way WordPress works to see how our blog or page is looking while we fill content. I have created many more NPM projects and packages, but if you would like to see more of what I have developed, you can visit my GitHub.

GitHub repositories

What would you like to do in 2021?

I would like to dedicate myself completely to the frontend and design, continue to add more experience and achieve to perfect these skills to create faster products, accessible at a11y level, and that are visually more pleasing to the end user.

Also, this year I would not "like to do", I will do the NextJS course; thanks to the knowledge I gained this year I can finally do the recording of this course much better prepared, connection between NextJS with Strapi, generation of static pages on demand, the more we create, the more they are generated automatically without having to build the application again and again, dynamic sections in Strapi that we can deploy in our project, image optimization, SEO, and much much much more.

I also set several personal goals that I know I will achieve.


I know that this coming year will be better in many ways, not only I would like it to be better for me but for all of you who are reading this, I really wish you the best in this year both personally and professionally; although you may not believe it no matter how small it has been you have grown and will continue to grow even more in this new year, happy holidays.

- See you at code 👨‍💻