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Esteves />

Since I was a child I have been interested in computers starting from video games, every time I played I felt a need to know how it is working and how my character makes any movement; trying every day more and more games I started to be interested in how the graphics of the game can be done and the interactivity against the user.

When I got to high school I started researching computers and became interested in how websites are built on top of all the social networks, I liked the idea that when a user selected a menu it showed more options and animations, and that's what made me fall in love with web development.

I started five years ago to work and learn from the frontend, the visual part of the web; today I consider myself a fullstack because thanks to the knowledge I have gained I can build applications from views to databases and routes. I like to learn more every day, integrate new technologies and contribute to new projects to improve productivity.

- See you at code 👨‍💻

Work experience

JavaScript Fullstack Web Developer

Seeed |2019 - Actualidad

Working as a web developer for ecommerce sites


Platzi |2019

We work to deliver perfect courses to your hands

Frontend Web Developer

Imkova |2018

Adaptive website layout from a base theme

Frontend Web Developer

Cuyuní Sistemas |2018

Project coordination and web site creation

Web Developer

Netnovation, S.A |2018

Web site creation and network administration

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