Tu Casillero

Tu Casillero - Bring purchases from abroad






What is Tu Casillero?

Tu Casillero provides integrated services in the logistics chain, offering all customers a specialized service with a human resource committed to a high quality process, updated and continuous improvement in all our processes to meet the needs of customers, generating efficient and intelligent solutions.

As time goes by, your locker has become your best ally abroad, which is in charge of receiving and storing in a safe, easy and accessible way all the purchases you make in different stores around the world, to be later delivered to your preferred place in Colombia. 🇨🇴

What problem was solved?

The branch was known through Voice to Voice Marketing in Colombia, without having any social network or website. Consequently, with the help of Jorge Nava we have built a website with all the provisions at your fingertips, where you can interpret their services and instructions, you can calculate shipments and have the availability to make your arrangements through a personal contact form.

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