Sumac - Peruvian Gastronomy






What is Sumac?

Founded in 2015, this restaurant creates intimate experiences where their values, magic, art and all the cultural cuisine that identifies them are consumed and enjoyed. They promote Peruvian cuisine through new and differentiated concepts that adapt to today's world. With years of experience the authenticity of their food, 100% Peruvian cuisine, coupled with elegance and sophistication, they have a cozy and quiet space in the city of Curico so you can enjoy one of the most recognized gastronomies in the world.

Every meeting is an excellent opportunity to get to know and continue discovering wonderful experiences of those people who are very close to us. Every meeting allows us to strengthen bonds that cultivate our essence. A good drink, a good place, and an excellent meal are the perfect complement to make a get-together the best hours of life.

What problem was solved?

This restaurant needed an easier way to consult their menu without wasting paper, and offer customers a more intuitive way. The site was built in such a way that when they consult the menu they can see what the dish is made up of and what the price is. In this way, the restaurant can serve both the physical tables and the customers who order from their homes much faster.

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